Popularity of the District
Natural Resources

The main mineral resources of this district are laterite and bauxite. In addition to this chine clay is also found here. In the North west of Lohardaga the mountain part spread like wall is a vast godown of bauxite. In addition to the petty contractors, two main aluminum companies’ entract bauxite from this area expert says that bauxite is spread in this area for 60-70 years.

Soil & River:

Major part of this area of red laterite acidic soil upland is generally covered by Morum, forest and stone. The Major rivers of this are one koyal, sankh, Nandani, sahi, fulshar, which are generally mainly rainy.

 Flora & Fauna:

Lohardaga district has about 27% of forest area while other areas also covered with forests. Important forest products are Saal seeds, Kokun, Lac, Tendu leaves, Karanj, Chiraunji etc. The major trees are Sal Bija, Gamhar, Kathal, Jamun, Mango, Bamboo, Neem etc.